How to Become a Massage Therapist in Minnesota!

So you want to be a massage therapist? Awesome! Welcome to one of the fastest growing industries in the health and wellness field!

With an estimated 22% growth by 2024 the massage therapy field is in demand, and in need of highly trained professionals to bring relaxation, comfort, and wellness to the millions of Americans who are passionate about their health.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester we are dedicated to our students, and to helping them build the skill and knowledge they need to develop a career that could support them into a successful, and healthy future. If you want to learn more, come in for a tour and learn about the massage programs at TSPA Rochester.

Interested in becoming a Massage Therapist? Here are the steps you need to follow to reach your goals in Minnesota.

  1. Find a School

    Finding the right school can be difficult! Depending on where you hope to work and what you would like to specialize in, the education you get can be important.

    When looking into schools, make sure you are working toward your goals, and that you understand the skills and massage types you should master in order to get there.

    Our Admissions Coordinator can help you understand what skills you may need, and assist you in reaching your career goals. Don’t be scared to ask questions to make sure you are enrolling in a program that will help to get you where you want to be.

  2. Gain the Skill

    man getting massageThere are many different types of massage. From Swedish, to sports, to hot stone. Once you have picked a school that will help you master the techniques to reach your goals, make sure you have enough hours in the student salon training area to help you build your skill.

    Because of the way our licensing is set up in Minnesota, you are able to take courses in individual techniques. To help our students prepare for whatever might come their way, as well as potential specialty focuses in the future, we teach a wide variety of techniques. This helps to build more career options, as well as potential and skill for years to come.

  3. Gain Your License

    In Minnesota the licensing for massage therapists varies from county to county. This can be confusing depending on where you get your license, as well as where you plan to work. But it doesn’t have to be!

    For this reason, at TSPA Rochester, we work to make sure our curriculum goes above and beyond the minimum requirements, helping to prepare you for whatever you may face. Plus, if you plan to live or work somewhere that will require a license, we can prepare you for that as well. We want our students to succeed, and working to create a curriculum that can prepare them for success is a cornerstone we are proud of.

  4. Pass the MBLEx

    woman getting massage While passing the MBLEx exam is not required to begin working in massage in Minnesota, it is required at many of the most sought after jobs, such as hospitals and physical therapy. Because of this we strive to train our students with all of knowledge and skill they need to sit for the MBLEx exam with confidence.

    This may seem like a small detail, but by working to deliver an in-depth education, we are helping to prepare our students for a career that will support them for years to come.

If you want more information about the massage therapy program at TSPA Rochester, schedule a meeting with our admissions advisor today! Also, make sure to check out our blog and get a sneak peek about what makes massage therapy at TSPA Rochester different, and how we can help you reach your dreams.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester we are dedicated to you and your success! Let’s get started, today!