The Best Haunts in and Around Rochester, Minnesota

The color of the leaves have begun to change, the wind has begun to blow, and there is a certain crispness in the air that is prompting you to break out the boots and scarves, even if it might be a tad bit early.

Autumn is officially here, and with it comes nights with a chill that might be more from just the drop in temperature.

As the little spooks begin to emerge in their costumes, here are six local places with true haunts will follow you through the night.

The Kahler Hotel

The Kahler Hotel

A former Mayo clinic, visitors to this hotel have reported cool breezes in warm hallways, odd smells, and the sounds of women crying in corridors.

If you are looking for a frightening overnight stay, book early to experience this haunted hotel in person.

Quarry Hill

Beneath the Trap Door

A change from the normal hotels and homes, this public park is reportedly one of the most haunted in the area.

The site of the former State Hospital Cemetery, visitors to this park have reported hearing voices, seeing shadows and even having electronics flicker in and out.

The park closes at ten, so make sure to plan your adventuring early.

Mantorville Opera House

Mantorville Opera House

This building has been everything from a theatre to a speakeasy and even a skating rink. Through all of those transitions, they have picked up quite a few haunts along the way.

With reports of steps in empty hallways, formless shapes of a woman nicknamed “Ellen”, and lights that turn off and on all by themselves, this place has its fair share of haunts.

Mrs. B’s Bed and Breakfast

The River Song Room at this Minnesota staple has been witness to quite a view sightings over the years. Figures have been seen standing at the foot of the bed, objects and even furniture mysteriously rearranging themselves.

In several other rooms there have been reports of the sounds of a guitar, a child bouncing a ball, and even the ghostly sound of laughter and singing.

With multiple reports, and even audio and video released by the hotel, your chances of a good old fashioned haunt is high.

St. James Hotel

The 150 year old building is said to be haunted by a few spirits, including a hostile beast that has been known to slam doors in the middle of the night. With several different formed ghosts, including a woman in white and a man in overalls, this hotel is especially active in paranormal.

Because of the sheer amount of apparitions and reports, this hotel is popular, especially in the fall. Don’t miss out on your chance to be truly scared out of your wits.

West Hills

West Hills Orphanage

A state run orphanage for almost 75 years, this campus was home to over 12,000 children.

Today it is a museum where visitors have reported seeing the floor warp and move, been surrounded by the heavy aroma of cigar smoke and seen and heard the voice of multiple children.

They are open for tours daily, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to experience the fear for yourself.

Do you believe in ghosts and haunts? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

As we get closer to Halloween night, we hope you will all stay safe, and have a wonderful time trick, treating, and perhaps even haunting.