TSPA Rochester: Keeping Up With the Community

Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Rochester, we love our community and are always willing to show it! It’s a chance to give back, help our community, and have fun. From summers spent exercising Zumba-style to winters warming the needy, we are here for it! Read on to see what we’ve been up to, and future activities we welcome you to attend.

tspa rochester beauty school

Previous Happenings

Zumba on the Plaza

In light of fitness and community, we are sponsors of Zumba on the Plaza! In between Zumba sessions, visitors are welcome to get chair massages and free gift cards from us here at TSPA Rochester. It’s an opportunity we’ve welcomed the past two consecutive summers.

First Annual Winter Drive

Last November’s One Warm Coat Drive was the first annual winter drive, also known as The Big 5 Winter Drive. Last year, 127 items were donated: 45 coats, 37 hats, 9 scarves, 18 pairs of gloves, 4 ear covers, 6 pairs of boots, and 8 pairs of snow pants. Donations are then passed over to Christmas Anonymous, to be given to those in need. Be sure to read on for details about this year!

redken tspa rochester winter drive

Women’s Veteran Event

On March 21st, 2018, we teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs, offering shampoos, blowouts, styling, chair massages, and paraffin hand dips to women. There’s nothing like helping fellow hard workers relax.

Back to School Fundraiser

As a school ourselves, we value education! On August 9, 2018, a silent auction was held to raise money for a local school (voted by Facebook users). We got over $200 and supplies like backpacks and notebooks.

Back To School EVENT POLL

backpack drive charity

Women’s Fall Expo

On November 3, 2018, we offered nail painting, hand massages, face painting, hair braiding, and make-up touch-ups to women. We love ringing in a new season with a new look. If you missed out on this, read on for upcoming involvement opportunities.

makeup expo for charity

Upcoming Events

Second Annual Big 5 Winter Drive

Since last year’s Winter Drive was such a success, we came back for more! The fundraiser ran from November 5th to the 16th, 2018, accepting new or gently used winter gear is accepted.

Toys for Tots Drop Off

We are happy to be an official Toys for Tots drop-off location! The drop-ff is located inside our reception area. Donations welcome during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, November 19th to December 19th.

tspa rochester charity booth

A Peek Into Next Year

Eagles Cancer Telethon

Like in January 2018, January 2019 is our focus toward fighting cancer. We will be teaming up with Hair Studio 52 and accepting donations for cancer research in exchange for salon services. So stay tuned! If you donate to our telethon, you can get a haircut or massage!

tspa rochester manicures

Why We Give Back

Here at TSPA Rochester, we stay on top of giving back to our thriving community! It is where we feel welcomed, comfortable, and where we can succeed. As a school fortunate enough to have our mentors and educators, professional supplies, and nice establishment, we strive to help other organizations develop and thrive as well. Having fun, making friends, and building a relationships are just bonuses.

A Better School

When a school is kind to their community, you know that as a student, you’ll be treated the same. Students can take comfort in attending our charity-forward school where kindness and sympathy is fostered. If we are a school of people who habitually putting others first, that consideration can extend to each other. We take pride in being more than a beauty school. We are here to inspire and help others succeed, inside and outside our doors. Take a closer look into our community at TSPA Rochester. Meet our educators here!

hands heart charity

Check out more about our previous charities! Get a scoop of last year’s One Warm Coat charity here.

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tsparochester.com}

Winter Survival Guide for Your Hair

Winter can be harsh…on you AND your hair! While the cold can cause your hair to crack like icicles or frizz up like mad, this winter hair care survival guide can lead you back to that smooth and sleek mane of your dreams all season long.

Pull Your Hair Back

Ever feel like scarves and heavy coats tangle the hairs at the nape of your neck? Keep the mane tame with sleek buns or quick side braids that get your hair out of the way. Updos also protect from harsh, drying winds and chills that can strip hair of moisture. Bonus: this also gives those strands a nice break from heat tools!

winter updo

Maintain Moisture

This is important all year round but crucial in the colder months! Moisture prevents damage and brittleness. Let your regular conditioner sit longer or try applying a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Spritz your hair with a bit of leave-in conditioner after your shower, especially if you plan to go outside. If you need an on-the-go boost, try applying a little coconut oil, argan oil, or shea butter to your ends. A diet rich in vitamin A promotes natural sebum production, supplying hair with natural moisture. Try cooking up some seasonal favorites like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

deep conditioning hair

Keep It Cool

Who doesn’t love a hot shower especially in winter? As good as that steam is for your hair, save the scald for your skin. When it comes time to wash and condition your hair, turn the temperature down as cool as you can bear it! Heat strips hair of moisture, even under water. Cooler temperatures seal the cuticle, lock in shine and moisture, and combat frizz. Worth it!

Split Ends? Gimme a Break!

Unfortunately cold weather can lead to more breakage. Keep hair far away from its breaking point with regular trims. Avoid going outside with wet hair where it can freeze and crack right off! Don’t skip heat protectant. Between wind, rain, and humidity, you just might find yourself using heat more often or more intensely. A protein-rich diet helps keep those strands strong and healthy. Try hearty stews, greens, and eggs.

brunette hair breakage

Combat Static

Save it for summer sessions on the trampoline. Keep hair up, hydrated, and avoid touching it when you can. Stash dryer sheets in your purse to run through strands anytime of day! Buy a serum to spray on whenever you need the help or even a far-away spritz of static guard will do exactly what it sounds like!

shiny smooth healthy hair

Let Us Help

No matter your hair concern, we’d love to help! From frizz to humidity, let us treat you to a solution and prepped for winter! Make an appointment at our student salon training area* now!

Want to learn more about hair? Take this quiz to find out if you are ready for cosmetology school!

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Test Your Massage Therapy Knowledge!

If your reading this blog then that means you are interested in a career in massage therapy. That’s so exciting! This could be the very beginning of your interest or maybe you have known for a while that becoming a massage therapist is your end goal. Either way, take our quiz to get a taste of what you can learn when studying to perfect the art of massage therapy. Who knows, maybe you already know some of the answers! Test your knowledge.

Rochester Quiz

Spring 2018 Student Spotlight

We are excited to announce 4 student spotlights. We will be showcasing 2 cosmetology students and 2 massage therapy students for this season!

Our first cosmetology student spotlight is Sierra! Sierra began her journey here at TSPA Rochester in August 2017. Her favorite thing about coming to The Salon Professional Academy is all of her returning clients. She gets to see them on a regular basis and share life experiences and ambitions. Outside of TSPA Sierra shared many fun things with us such as how much she loves her family and how adventurous they are. She enjoys playing softball, outdoor activities, eating pizza and eating eggrolls. A fun fact about Sierra is that she can throw 55 mph and won a contest at the MN State Fair! When asked where she see’s herself after graduating she said she would like to keep doing hair in a salon and then maybe go back to school to become a police officer. Her favorite Redken product that she uses is the One United spray because it does wonders and gets snarls out of everything. Sierra’s favorite technique that she has learned is curling hair with both curling irons and a flat iron. Sierra’s educators have shared, “Sierra is really great with her clients and they sure enjoy her. Her clients feel taken care of and love to come back and see her. We know that where ever she goes in her career she will bring her talent for color and her smile.”


Our first massage therapy student spotlight is Sap. He started our massage therapy program in December of 2017. One of his favorite things about The Salon Professional Academy is his educators. Sap said that after graduating TSPA one of his goals is to be one of the best massage therapists out there. He has loved all of the techniques and skills that his educators have taught him so far and can’t pick just one. Sap’s educators have shared, “Sap is a very sympathetic person-which can be seen in his massage- listening to his clients and making sure their session covers the work that they are receiving. Sap wants to learn more about his culture’s massage therapy techniques and holistic treatments (Chinese and Cambodian).”


Our final cosmetology student spotlight is Mariah. Mariah started the cosmetology program here at The Salon Professional Academy in August 2017. She shared with us that her favorite thing about TSPA is the instructors and the professional atmosphere. Some fun facts about Mariah outside of the Academy is that she works at David’s Bridal as a dress consultant. She was born in New Mexico and moved to Minnesota when she was 3. She has a mom, bother, two dogs, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. She enjoys dancing, shopping, and going to Disney. After graduating her goal is to work at Disney doing hair and makeup for Disney characters as well as work at Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. When asked what her favorite Redken product is she said that she loves the Full frame 07 because it gives curls more definition and volume. Mariah’s favorite techniques she has been working on is styling. She absolutely loves to do vintage hair styles working with curls, updos, and even round brushing. You can follow her Instagram page at Mariah’s Makeover Magic. The staff and educators shared, “Mariah is a very enthusiastic individual and always has something to chat about. She enjoys conversing with her guests and taking the time to get to know them.


Our final massage therapy student spotlight is Dave! Dave joined the massage therapy program during our December 2017 start. His favorite thing about TSPA is that it is a relaxed, friendly (almost family like) atmosphere. He also said he enjoys that the massage and cosmetology students as well as educators and owners are all very friendly and easy to get along with. He shared with us, “I have been a server/bartender for over 10 years and worked most recently at the Half Barrel and HuHot Mongolian Grill. I love to perform onstage in theatrical productions and am looking forward to number 16 in May where I will be in Jesus Christ Superstar. Otherwise I am hiking, biking, playing sand volleyball, bowling, shooting pool, or spending time with loved ones.” He shared with us that after graduating from The Salon Professional Academy he will stay in Rochester for now and take clients at the new location of Optimal Movement located on 19th street. At this time his favorite skill is learning the Swedish massage and thinks that we could all use a nice Swedish massage regularly.  Dave’s educators shared, “Dave is the epitome of the phrase ‘Gentle Giant’- a tall man with long hair and a strong voice, but with the compassion and understanding. He loves being an active member of his community and is excited to have a career that allows him to use those skills with his new tremendous skills as a massage therapist. Dave has picked up on massage therapy like a fish to water, and only continues to get better and better.”


Meet The Cosmetology Educators

Meet The Cosmetology Educators


Stacy posing in front of the I "heart" TSPA banner or selfie station at the TSPA Rochester open house event.

Stacy Ryan has been a licensed cosmetologist and stylist for 13 years. She has been an educator for nearly 9 years. She says that “It has been a rewarding career decision for me. I enjoy working with students on the student training floor.”

Karen poses at TSPA Rochester's selfie station

Karen Culhane has been a licensed cosmetologist and  stylist for 36 years. She has been an educator for a total of 17 years. Karen has said that “I thoroughly enjoy working with students teaching them all about color.”


Kim poses at The Salon Professional Academy's selfie station at the open house event

Kim Simon has been a licensed cosmetologist and stylist for 6 years. She has been an educator for a total of 5 years. Kim shared that “Although I wish I would’ve started this career at a younger age, I’m very happy I finally did go to cosmetology school. It has been a lifelong dream fulfilled.”



January Specials and Promotions

#NewYearNewYou Specials

The holidays are over and now it is time for you to relax, breath, and treat yourself right! Let The Salon Professional Academy in Rochester, MN help you. All specials are good through the entire month of January

2018 at The Salon Professional Academy in Rochester, MN. TSPA is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Get yourself booked for a 90 minute massage for the price of just 60 minutes! Book your 90 minute massage for $30 by calling our Guest Services at 507.285.3365.

Our Massage Therapy students are available for  appointments Tuesday through Friday.


Treat your hair right this winter season by stopping in for a 50% off treatment with any paid hair service. Take this opportunity to reinvest in your hair! All hair service appointments are available Monday-Friday. Then let your stylist help you find a shampoo and conditioner that is just right for your hair to keep it healthy to start out the new year.


 No matter what kind of hair you have, we can find a perfect match for you.





The Salon Professional Academy

Guest Services: 507.285.3365

4229 HWY 52 N

Rochester, MN 55901



Unveil a Whole New You This New Year


We make them every year, but how often do we actually follow through with them?

What if you made this year different and instead of just writing down that dream that has been elusive for so long – you actually followed through and did something that would change your life?

This could be anything from losing a few pounds, to finally learning to play the mandolin – but what if your goal was something a little more life changing? If you have been thinking of finally pursuing that dream and working toward a career in beauty, 2018 is the year to do it!

Here are five reasons that this year is the year to create a career in beauty!

A Career Before You Know it

Happy woman in new career

Many people put the dream of starting a new career on hold for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest ones is the time and monetary commitment of getting the education to go with it. It’s no wonder, with the rising cost of secondary education and the time to get a degree nearing four years it can feel like a daunting task to make a career change.

With a career in beauty, however, the time from enrollment to graduation is trimmed down to anywhere from nine to sixteen months depending on your program. This not only means that you are ready to begin your new career sooner, but you could reach your goal before 2018 is out, making your resolution a reality.

A Cost That Won’t Break the Bank

pretty woman with piggy bank

Just like the time commitment toward gaining an education beauty is cut in half, so is the cost. That hefty price tag of a four year education at your local university is a thing of the past. While four-year degrees now cost well over $45,000, the average tuition of an education in beauty is only $13,000 on average. Plus, with scholarship and financial assistance* available, the staff at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester is ready to help assist you to overcome your financial roadblocks and help make your dream a reality.

An Industry With Staying Power

And no, we aren’t just talking about hairspray. The beauty and spa industry has been exploding at a rate almost double of the national average! Every year there are thousands of jobs in beauty and massage that are available and waiting for the right person, with the right education.

If you have ever wanted to pursue a career as a cosmetologists, as a nail technician, or even as a massage therapist, there has never been a better time!

An Education With Depth

At TSPA Rochester we are dedicated to each of our students and to giving them the education that gives them the skills they need to pursue their dreams. This means that we go into more than just the “basics” we help each of our students to develop a love of beauty, a mastery of complex skills, and a knowledge in business that gives them the tools to build a successful future.

One way that we do this is by including skills and extras that work beyond the state standards, helping each of our students to build a portfolio that could help them be in demand.

A New Family. A New Love.

Supportive people looking over a book

When pursuing your dreams, you are going to need the support of your friends and family behind you. With an education in beauty, that support goes even deeper with your classmates, your educators, and the administrative staff at your school becoming your new cheerleaders.

In fact, they will become more than your cheerleaders. They will become a family that will see you through years of beautiful styles and bowls of vibrant color.

There has never been a better time to change your life. Let’s make it beautiful, together!

Contact our admissions coordinator today to schedule your tour and discover how The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester can be the first step toward the future you have been dreaming of.

Want more information on our Cosmetology or Massage Programs?

Read about how our cosmetology program is built to help you find your dreams here. Interested in massage? Discover how we work above and beyond to give you the education you need to make waves here.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tsparochester.com

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Scholarship qualification and application processes vary, not all will qualify. Contact us today to speak to a financial aid administrator for more information.

Winter 2017 Student Spotlights!

2017 Winter Student Spotlight

We are excited to showcase our 2017 Winter Student Spotlights! We will be showcasing three students for the winter; Lou, Courtney, and Lyndsey!

Student Spotlight: Lou

The Salon Professional Academy is excited to announce Lou as one of our cosmetology student spotlights. Lou started in April of 2017 and will be graduating in March of 2018! Some of her favorite things about TSPA are the instructors, the style and how modern the facility is, in addition she loves how professional it looks.  Outside of The Academy Lou is a mother of a one year old. She loves spending time with him and also loves to do hair, cook, dance, and working out with her best friend!  Her favorite product is One United, so much so that she keeps two bottles of it! She loves that it is great for multiple reasons, has a great smell, and it helps finish her styles. Her favorite skill that she has learned and improved on is round brushing and how to fade (haircut). In her future, Lou wants to work at one of the 2 salons that she has found, then after that she would love to own her own salon and become an instructor. Lou’s educators have shared, “Lou is very conscientious about her work and really likes to make the client feel good about themselves. She truly loves learning new skills and techniques.  We know that she will meet all of the goals she sets for herself as she is a very determines young lady.”

Don’t forget to follow Lou on her social media pages to watch for more before and after photos.

Facebook: @LouLouLookz

Instagram: @LouLouLookz

Check out some of Lou’s before and after shots:

Student Spotlight: Courtney

TSPA Rochester is excited to feature Courtney as our 2017 Winter Student Spotlight for Massage Therapy. She started at The Salon Professional Academy September 2017, from that moment on her warm personality is felt in our office, classroom, and the entire academy. Courtney shared with us that she loves how we are always working with new people; students and clients. Some fun facts about Courtney includes that she loves to camp, fish, canoe, and enjoy bonfires. When she is not in the great outdoors she enjoys crafts such as scrapbooking, card making, and soon wants to learn to crochet. She is the youngest of 3 and already has already been to school for cosmetology. She is excited to add Massage Therapy to her repertoire as her future goal is to own a salon/massage studio. Her favorite product at the Academy is hairspray because, “even on a bad hair day it can help you look your best 😊” Courtney’s favorite skill that she has learned so far is the Swedish massage because she believes that everyone deserves to relax and knowing that skill can help others achieve that.  Her educators have shared with us that both as a student and a person she has made our classroom a better place.  She takes her role as a student very seriously, and it shows in how she represents herself as a student: she keeps clean and organized notes, makes note cards, and always is using her time wisely. Whether it is in the classroom or on the massage table, Courtney is always helping both the students and educators in anyway she can. In addition, as a certified cosmetologist she gives an ear if a “cosmo” student is looking for a second opinion and enjoys giving tips and tricks.


Student Spotlight: Lyndsey


Lyndsey’s “Fur” Baby, Rocksea

The Salon Professional Academy is pleased to pronounce Lyndsey as one of our winter student spotlights! Lyndsey is a proud cosmetology student who started in March of 2017 and is preparing to graduate in February of 2018. Her favorite thing about TSPA is that she loves that you can be yourself! She said that she feels like we are all family here at The Academy and really enjoys that we can learn, get things done, and still have fun! Lyndsey got engaged in July and they have started their family with their first “fur” baby, Rocksea. Their favorite hobby is taking Rocksea to go play frisbee. Lyndsey’s favorite skill so far has been hair cutting ever since their first cutting class! Her favorite product is One United because it detangles hair and has 24 other great benefits. She said she uses it on every client. After graduating Lyndsey is planning to be apart of the HairStudio 52 team. She see’s herself being very successful and loving every day of her new career as she fulfills others with happiness on a daily basis. Her educators have said, “Lyndsey likes to give the clients time that they deserve. The clients really enjoy being with her and talking with her and request her frequently. She will do very well in cosmetology.”

Don’t forget to follow Lyndsey on her social media pages to watch for more before and after photos.

Facebook: @HairbyLyndsey                                                     Instagram: @Hairby.Lyndsey

Check out some of her work she has done:

Becoming a Cosmetologist in Minnesota

Your passion for hair runs deep. It may have always always been there, or it may be something that you have recently fallen in love with. No matter how you have found yourself on this path, you have probably begun to consider a career in beauty, and it’s no wonder! With so many career options available, an education in beauty could lead to a successful future.

If you are considering a career in beauty, make sure to find a school that fits your career goals and personality. At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester we are dedicated to helping you achieve success. You can find out more about our program on our blog.

Whether you have found the perfect program for you, or are still looking, be ready for the education journey ahead of you by understanding the education and licensing requirements in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Cosmetology Requirements

cosmetology students

To gain a cosmetology license in Minnesota you are required to attend 1550 hours of practical and theory classes in order to meet state requirements. In the cosmetology program at TSPA Rochester you can have the opportunity to obtain the skill and technical knowledge that can help you build a successful career.

Education Requirements

The first 240 hours of instruction are dedicated to theory and science-based classes as per Minnesota guidelines. Developing a knowledge in these topics can help you, as a beauty student, create a strong foundation to last throughout your career.

The foundational topics that are covered in TSPA Rochester’s cosmetology program include:

  • Anatomy
  • Dermatology
  • Chemistry
  • Infection Control
  • Safety and Sanitation

The practical and technical skills taught and practiced in TSPA Rochester’s cosmetology program include:

    • Shampooing and conditioning of hair.
    • Hair design and shaping.
    • Hair styling and cutting
    • Chemical relaxing and waving
    • A knowledge in esthetics including facials
    • Makeup application and design
    • Waxing and non-electronic hair removal
    • Care of health of skin and nails
    • Manicures and pedicures

Separated out into 1,130 hours of practical learning and skill and 420 hours of theory and sciences, the cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester works to exceed the minimum requirements of the state of Minnesota so as to help our students build the future they dream of.

Licensing Process and Requirements

students taking a test in a classroom

Once you have completed your cosmetology program at a state-approved campus, you are ready to begin your testing and licensing process.


In the state of Minnesota both a written and practical exam are required so as to successfully assess an applicant’s skills and knowledge. Both of these tests are administered by PSI and can be scheduled on their website.

Practical Testing

Often overseen by a licensed professional and state official, this exam tests the skill in a practical environment. Assessing everything from cutting, to styling to chemical processes, a practical exam is meant to determine if it is up to the standard that the state standard.

Written Testing

Much like the tests that you have taken throughout your education, this assessment asks questions about your skills and theory knowledge, verifying that you possess the correct knowledge to properly manage your clients and perform your duties.


Once you have completed your program hours and passed your written and practical exams you are able to apply for licensure. Applying for licensure in Minnesota is a simple process that once completed and submitted along with your application fee will be processed within 15 days.

Your journey toward becoming a licensed cosmetologist is a beautiful one let The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester support your from the first cut to the last.

For more information about our programs, and to schedule a tour, contact us today. At TSPA Rochester we are dedicated to you, and to your future.

The Different Types of Massage, Explained

We have mentioned on this blog before that careers in massage are exploding! In fact, the growth rate in the massage industry is more than double what other beauty related fields are witnessing. This is a huge growth, which could equal huge possibilities!

The massage licensing and education requirements in Minnesota are varied, breaking different types of therapeutic techniques into separate certification requirements. If you are interested in pursuing a future in massage therapy, but are not sure what the different types of therapy entail, we have you covered!

There are many different types of massage. At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester we offer courses in many of the following techniques in our massage therapy program.

Swedish Massage

woman getting massage

This technique is the most commonly used type of massage. If you have ever gotten a massage before chances are high that it was a Swedish Massage. Originating from Sweden, this massage technique focuses on full body relaxation and assisting in increasing blood flow to the heart by use of long strokes.

This massage technique is the foundation for many other types of therapeutic methods in western massage technique and should be learned as a foundation to massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to Swedish massage in both stroke technique and purpose, this method has a heavier focus on reaching deeper muscles and tissues. This type of massage can be beneficial in releasing chronic tension and helping to ease joint pain.

You will often find Deep Tissue Massage in specialty clinics and hospitals to help both assist blood flow and healing in chronic cases.

Sports Massage

woman getting sports massage Geared toward athletes, this massage was created using the techniques from both Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to help athletic individuals recover from injuries or strain sustained during activity. Because the focus of this massage is for athletes, techniques have been developed to assist in healing for many different types of sports activity.

Used by athletes both for recovery and regular maintenance, this type of therapy is commonly used in both rehabilitation clinics, and regular massage practices.

Thai Massage

Developed thousands of years ago from Indian Ayurvedic principles, this type of massage uses a combination of pressure, guided strokes, and yoga to help promote relaxation and blood flow. Depending on the training or technique learned, Thai massage can also include acupressure.

Because this massage utilizes passive stretching and a much more active massage system, this type of massage tends to be done on the floor to assist the therapist in the motions and access to the client.

Shiatsu Massage

Man getting shiatsu massageOriginating from ancient Chinese medicine, the Shiatsu method focuses on pressure points to help the client ease into relaxation. To access these points, the therapist may apply pressure using their thumbs, hands, knees, or feet. While not as active as Thai massage, this technique also utilizes passive stretching to help promote blood flow.

Often thought of as a specialty technique, those with knowledge in this method may be able to find employment in spas and resorts.

Acupressure Massage

Developed over 5,000 years ago for the enjoyment of the ruling party in China, this massage takes the system of acupuncture and focuses it on pressure points. This massage does not utilize as much of the same stretching and kneading of the muscles that we see in other techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

woman getting a hots tone massageBy using water-heated stones at key pressure points on the body, this type of massage promotes relaxation and the ease of muscle tension. The heat from the stones not only prompts tightened muscles to relax, but helps promote circulation to the warmed areas. In addition to placing the stones on the body, the stones can also be used as a massaging agent, prompting the further release of tightened muscles.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester we are proud to offer instruction in many of these methods to help our students learn the skills they needs to achieve their dreams.

Learn more about how we adapt our program to benefit our students on our blog!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy and want to see how our programs can help you get there, schedule a tour today. Our admissions director would love to show you our facility and introduce you to our educators and to the bright future that could be yours.

Call Today.