TSPA Rochester: Keeping Up With the Community

Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Rochester, we love our community and are always willing to show it! It’s a chance to give back, help our community, and have fun. From summers spent exercising Zumba-style to winters warming the needy, we are here for it! Read on to see what we’ve been up to, and future activities we welcome you to attend.

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Previous Happenings

Zumba on the Plaza

In light of fitness and community, we are sponsors of Zumba on the Plaza! In between Zumba sessions, visitors are welcome to get chair massages and free gift cards from us here at TSPA Rochester. It’s an opportunity we’ve welcomed the past two consecutive summers.

First Annual Winter Drive

Last November’s One Warm Coat Drive was the first annual winter drive, also known as The Big 5 Winter Drive. Last year, 127 items were donated: 45 coats, 37 hats, 9 scarves, 18 pairs of gloves, 4 ear covers, 6 pairs of boots, and 8 pairs of snow pants. Donations are then passed over to Christmas Anonymous, to be given to those in need. Be sure to read on for details about this year!

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Women’s Veteran Event

On March 21st, 2018, we teamed up with the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs, offering shampoos, blowouts, styling, chair massages, and paraffin hand dips to women. There’s nothing like helping fellow hard workers relax.

Back to School Fundraiser

As a school ourselves, we value education! On August 9, 2018, a silent auction was held to raise money for a local school (voted by Facebook users). We got over $200 and supplies like backpacks and notebooks.

Back To School EVENT POLL

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Women’s Fall Expo

On November 3, 2018, we offered nail painting, hand massages, face painting, hair braiding, and make-up touch-ups to women. We love ringing in a new season with a new look. If you missed out on this, read on for upcoming involvement opportunities.

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Upcoming Events

Second Annual Big 5 Winter Drive

Since last year’s Winter Drive was such a success, we came back for more! The fundraiser ran from November 5th to the 16th, 2018, accepting new or gently used winter gear is accepted.

Toys for Tots Drop Off

We are happy to be an official Toys for Tots drop-off location! The drop-ff is located inside our reception area. Donations welcome during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, November 19th to December 19th.

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A Peek Into Next Year

Eagles Cancer Telethon

Like in January 2018, January 2019 is our focus toward fighting cancer. We will be teaming up with Hair Studio 52 and accepting donations for cancer research in exchange for salon services. So stay tuned! If you donate to our telethon, you can get a haircut or massage!

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Why We Give Back

Here at TSPA Rochester, we stay on top of giving back to our thriving community! It is where we feel welcomed, comfortable, and where we can succeed. As a school fortunate enough to have our mentors and educators, professional supplies, and nice establishment, we strive to help other organizations develop and thrive as well. Having fun, making friends, and building a relationships are just bonuses.

A Better School

When a school is kind to their community, you know that as a student, you’ll be treated the same. Students can take comfort in attending our charity-forward school where kindness and sympathy is fostered. If we are a school of people who habitually putting others first, that consideration can extend to each other. We take pride in being more than a beauty school. We are here to inspire and help others succeed, inside and outside our doors. Take a closer look into our community at TSPA Rochester. Meet our educators here!

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Check out more about our previous charities! Get a scoop of last year’s One Warm Coat charity here.

{Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tsparochester.com}

Interested in Massage? The Program at TSPA Rochester Could Get You There.

The wellness and beauty industry is a vibrant and growing career path with new doors opening every day. In fact, no other part of this industry is seeing the growth that the massage therapy industry is, with a massive 22% increase by 2024.

If you have been thinking of a career as a massage therapist, there has never been a better time to pursue it than now. No matter if you changing career paths or pursuing a dream fresh out of high school, you can find a home and a quality education at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester.

An Education That Goes Above and Far Beyond

Massage Program at TSPA Rochester

The state of Minnesota has a unique set of requirements for therapists. In fact, in Minnesota, the individual counties set their own requirements for therapists.

This can leave schools with more wiggle room to fill their curriculum with knowledge they believe best fills the needs of the industry. However, it can also leave spas and hospitals desperate for therapists with a healthy education featuring a wide array of skills, and perhaps even a passing score in the MBLEx. With so few requirements set by the state many employers are left staring at a gap in education that could leave them without the staff they need.

It is this gap that our massage program at TSPA Rochester seeks to fill.

In the city of Rochester there is only a 500 hour education requirement for massage therapists. Our class, however, goes above that reaching 750 hours of in-depth training. If that seems like a lot of unneeded hours, rest assured that every one of those is important.

That is because we train our students for the MBLEx, the massage licensing test used by the wide majority of states in their licensing processes. A passing score in this test opens up many doors and career opportunities across the country and even around the world. A passing score also means an in-depth education, with a mastery in several different types of massage.

By keeping our class sizes small and our program varied, we seek to meet our goal, but it takes more than that to set us apart.

An Education from Switzerland to Japan

In order to help our students stay competitive and ready for the MBLEx, we proudly include many different types of massage in our curriculum.

We train our students in a wide majority of massage skills, with each specialty receiving almost a hundred hours of hands-on practical experience. From Swedish, to Sports Massage, to Hot Stone, and everything in between, we delve deep into each skill, giving our students an opportunity to master those techniques. Together it creates a varied education that could help them create a wonderful career, no matter where in the world it takes them.

Massage is More than Relaxation

Massage Program at TSPA Rochester

When people think of massage, often they think of relaxing spas. Massage is so much more than that, however. In order to provide a deep relaxation, massage therapists need to know everything that goes behind it. By including training in anatomy, pathology, kinesiology, and ethics our schooling is more than just massage, it’s the depth of knowledge that a student needs to create a career that they can be proud of.

A Spa Experience to Prepare You for a Spa Life

So much of where you gain your education impacts the types of positions you will find yourself in later.

We put a heavy focus on training our students in an environment much like they will find themselves in. With relaxing facilities that are custom built to cultivate learning, our students work together before moving to clients, helping them master business and communication skills that employers are looking for.

If you are looking for a future in this growing industry, you are going to want the training behind you that could make those dreams come true.

Contact us today to discover how our program could shape your future in the beauty industry. With classes starting every twelve weeks, and financial aid available to those who qualify, you do not want to let this opportunity pass you by.

Massage Therapy Training For Healing Recovery

Massage Therapy & Health Care

More Americans Discussing Massage With Their Health Care Providers.Massage Therapy Classes Minnesota

Massage Therapy is earning attention from the healthcare industry, particularly, at the Mayo Clinic. The clinic recently announced that “Doctors and certified massage therapists at the clinic work together to coordinate a massage therapy treatment plan for an injury or condition as part of your care plan.”(Mayo Clinic, Feb 2016).  With the combination of more and more Americans discussing massage as an accompanying treatment for their injury, disease or condition and the open-mindedness of healthcare providers; integrative medicine is igniting the demand for massage therapy careers in the Mayo-Clinic area.

Until recently, persons most likely entered the massage therapy profession as a second career. Today, between integrative medicine practices and patients requesting that massage be incorporated into their treatment plan, Massage Therapists will be highly sought after, especially within healthcare organizations that have not historically, integrated massage therapy into treatments plans. The health care industry is rapidly helping to create a lucrative full-time career shift versus part-time for massage therapists. Any persons considering becoming a Massage Therapist will want to ensure they have earned the credentials that will help them earn partnerships amongst health care providers, health care organizations, and insurance companies during these growing and demanding times.

To learn more about your future as a Massage Therapist and our massage therapy program, please feel free to stop by, email or call admissions at 507-990-2347. Learn more about how TSPA Rochester can help you become a massage therapist here!

Redken School to Open in Rochester

The beauty school franchise, The Salon Professional Academy, has opened a new location in Rochester. Daniel Link and Jessica Amos acquired the former business, Rochester School of Hair Design, and have transformed everything from the education and skills taught to students, to the brand, salon services and professional retail products available for sale.   Jessica Amos, a local salon owner and co-owner of TSPA commented, “We’ve talked with other salons in the area and many of us feel like the graduates we hire still need so much additional training and education before they are ready to work with guests.”  So, in order to correct this issue, Amos and Link looked to open a beauty school of their own that would teach these essential skills along with business and marketing tools; making the students more desirable to hiring salons and give them a better opportunity at a sustainable career.  That is when their search led them to The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA). Daniel Link, school co-owner and owner of Marc Daniel Salon in the Twin Cities said, “Their education and business ideals aligned with our own, plus with their unique partnership with Redken 5th Avenue, we knew this was a good fit for us. ”

That “partnership” refers to the co-development by Redken 5th Avenue NYC and TSPA of the curriculum, brand, advanced training, and design.  TSPA is a certified Redken Business Resource and are the only beauty schools in the country awarded the “Recognized by Redken for Excellence in Education” designation.  Pat Parenty, President, Professional Products Division for L’Oréal USA (parent company of Redken) said, “I believe The Salon Professional Academies are some of the finest schools available in our industry.  They have an excellent education philosophy and [their] curriculum stands out; providing students with a complete cosmetology experience and prepares them for a great career in this industry.”

The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester is located 4229 Highway 52 North Rochester, MN and is currently enrolling for upcoming classes.  Financial Aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify.  For more information visit www.tspaRochester.com or call 507.285.3365