Are You Ready for Cosmetology School?

Are you considering enrolling in cosmetology school? This could be a great way to get started on an exciting future in the beauty industry! Before you get started on enrolling, you need to be prepared. Take our quiz and find out if you are ready for cosmetology school!

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Now that you know whether or not you’re ready to enroll in our cosmetology program, contact us! Even if you aren’t prepared to enroll right away, we can answer your questions and help you navigate your future in cosmetology. Call us or fill out our online form today!

Can I Go to Cosmetology School Without Experience?

Yes! You can go to cosmetology school without experience. In fact, no one is expecting you to have experience when you walk into the door of our school. At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Rochester, we’ve designed our cosmetology program so that you can learn and gain experience while you are here! Our goal is that students who graduate from our program are prepared and excited to take on a career in the industry after they’ve become licensed.

While you don’t need any experience to enroll in cosmetology school, there are a few things you do need. If you’re looking to get your start at TSPA Rochester, here’s a few things you can get and do to be prepared for our program.

A High School Diploma or Equivalent

In order to enroll in our cosmetology program, and to be eligible to take the state licensure exam, you must have a high school diploma or GED. If you’re worried about your previous education and are unsure of what may or may not qualify, that’s OK! You don’t have to guess. Contact us! We can talk through your concerns and help determine if what you have will be accepted. You can also consult the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology website for info about what is required.

Have a Passion

Passion is one thing that many of the people in the beauty industry have. This field is fueled by creativity and a love for what you do. Many cosmetologists recall that this is something they’ve wanted to do their whole lives! If you’ve always had a love for hair, makeup, and all things beauty, this might be your career path.

TSPA Rochester can help you harness that passion and turn it into a skill set!

Be Ready to Commit

Cosmetology school requires commitment. Time and creativity are two things you’re going to need to give for your education. Your education is your best investment in yourself. If you want a future in the beauty industry, be ready to give it your all and have a blast doing it!

Don’t worry! Cosmetology school doesn’t mean you’d be committing to time like you would to a four-year degree. At TSPA Rochester you can complete our cosmetology program in as little as 48 weeks.

Put Your Plan Into Motion

After you’ve gotten everything together, contact us! TSPA Rochester is happy to welcome you in for a tour. During that time you can learn even more about preparing for your journey in cosmetology school, including meeting our educators and getting financial aid* information. There’s no better time than the present to take hold of your future!

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*Financial aid is available to those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit

5 Reasons to Be a Cosmetologist

Do you want a future where you can be creative and help others feel great? Are you looking for the potential to be independent? If you’ve answered yes, then being a cosmetologist could be a rewarding option for you. Maybe you’ve already considered an education in cosmetology at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Rochester, or maybe it’s a new idea for you. Whatever the case, here are five reasons why a future as a cosmetologist could be right for you.


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1. A Chance for Creative Expression

Many people choose a future in cosmetology because they are creative and have a passion for beauty. As a cosmetologist, you may get the chance to try out new trends, techniques, and products on a daily basis. You have to listen to your clients’ wishes, but you still have the chance to use creativity to help them transform their look. Cosmetology can be a great opportunity to use your passion and technical skills to create something beautiful.

Stylist does young woman's hair.

2. You Can Help Others Feel Great

Working as a cosmetologist can be a great option for social butterflies. If you’re a people person, this job could allow you to not only help others look great but to feel great as well. For many people, looking nice or feeling beautiful can boost confidence. Got a client who’s feeling low? Providing a listening ear while giving them a fresh, new haircut, color, or style could make their day. When you work as a cosmetologist, you’ll have the chance to meet different people every day and even form connections with them. Every person who sits in your chair will have a different personality, background, and personal style.

Three stylists stand together in a salon.

3. Opportunity For an Independent Future

If you have always dreamed of owning your own salon, cosmetology education from TSPA Rochester is a great first step. With a cosmetology license, you can start by working in a salon that hires cosmetologists to gain experience and clientele, and then work your way up to renting a booth in an upscale salon. These are valuable experiences if you want to become a salon owner one day. You’ll need technical skills, tactical knowledge, business savvy, and a client-base to achieve career growth.

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4. Working in a Dynamic Environment

Cosmetology is a great option for those who don’t want to be stuck in an office all day. As a cosmetologist, it’s likely that you’ll be on your feet most of the day as you’re styling hair or applying makeup. The hustle and bustle of a salon can keep you moving constantly and keeps the atmosphere lively and fun. From talking with coworkers to engaging with clients, there’s always a conversation going when you’re a cosmetologist. Every client you work with is unique and a salon is typically full of diverse personalities, so every day as a cosmetologist can be different and full of exciting challenges.

Young brunette woman shops for makeup.

5. Doing What You’re Passionate About

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been passionate about beauty forever or just started following trends in the last few years. If you’re choosing an education in cosmetology, it’s likely that you’re passionate about all things beauty. A future in cosmetology is a great way to express what you love on a daily basis. You can use your practical skills and tactical knowledge, but you can also put your enthusiasm for trends and current styles to use. Other people can tell when someone loves what they’re doing. Take your passion and use it to create something beautiful that also makes someone else feel great.

Learn More About Our Cosmetology Program

Ready to create a future in cosmetology? Learn more about our cosmetology program at TSPA Rochester. We know that cosmetology is about more than just cutting hair. It’s about innovative techniques and an overall knowledge of business and marketing strategies. Call us today to schedule a tour or ask any questions.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit

Where Can I Work As a Cosmetologist?

Whether you have known it since you were a child, sneaking makeup out of your parents’ bathroom, or it’s a recent discovery fueled by social media and a certain coming of age; you feel it in your bones.

Everything you do revolves around the beauty industry, and you constantly find yourself trying new trends and styles on your friends and family. You know beauty is your future, and you are ready to take the steps to make it your career!

If you are still searching for the perfect school to call home, call The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester today, and schedule your personal tour.

While you decide on your school, you are probably facing a bigger question: what careers are open to you once the schooling is done? Here are five great careers you can obtain as a cosmetologist.

Salon Specialist

The first job that comes to everyone’s mind is, of course, working in a salon. With many different types of salons available, in many different locations around the world, you are sure to find something that fits your creativity and maybe even your adventuring soul. If you loved the atmosphere of cosmetology school then we’re sure you’ll love being a salon specialist.

Platform Artist

woman giving a woman a makeover
If you love innovating and working with some of the biggest names, and the biggest brands, then becoming a platform artist may be the perfect fit for you.

Touring around the country on behalf of brands and stylists, platform artists visit schools and trade shows to educate and demonstrate new and unique techniques with some of the biggest product lines available. While obtaining one of these coveted positions can be a challenge, with hard work you could reach this goal and tour the world in the name of beauty.

Personal Stylist

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Your beauty obsession goes beyond hair. From nails to clothes, to makeup styles, you obsess over every detail, and you love creating the perfect look for people around you.

While a personal stylist can seem like a career that is just out of reach; with skill, hustle, and passion you could build yourself a book that extends from local business moguls to some of the biggest names in media.

Cosmetology Educator

salon worker

If you love teaching, and after spending a few years working in a salon, you’ll probably be looking to work more in the education field. With a little bit more education you could become an instructor yourself! You could be training the future generation of cosmetologists and infecting them with your passion.

Salon Owner

female salon owner smiling in salon
You love being in charge. You are eager to build your own brand, and you know exactly the type of salon you want to run. Owning your own salon is the dream of many cosmetologists and one that you can easily reach! Hard work, passion, and never giving up. Those are the skills that are needed to become a salon owner.

Multimedia Artist

makeup for photography

When many people think of their dream job in hair and makeup, they think of movies, television, and photography. These jobs are high energy, high creativity and, while they are highly sought after, there are many opportunities to pursue this career and stretch your imagination and creativity on a daily basis.

Begin Your Career!

With so many options and possibilities available in this field, you are sure to find yourself in a future worth dreaming about. Are you ready to begin your journey into a beautiful future in cosmetology? At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Rochester, we are ready to support you through this new adventure. Contact us today to schedule your tour, and to meet the staff who are committed to you, and your future.