5 Places You Can Work as a Massage Therapist

If you’re interested in learning about human muscle structures and enjoy helping others feel better, massage therapy could be a great career option for you! You may think that as a massage therapist you could only work at a spa or large massage franchise, but there are a variety of other exciting opportunities in the field of massage!

1. Spas and Wellness Centers

When you think of massage therapy, you probably think of a spa or wellness center. These jobs make up the majority of massage therapy jobs, as it’s a great environment for practicing a variety of techniques and building a diverse client base. It can also be a good environment for those who prefer a quiet, calm work atmosphere. Jobs in spas or wellness centers usually have weekend and night hours, so it can be a great option if you have kids or other obligations that would require you to work non-traditional hours.

Brunette woman getting a massage at a spa.

2. Resorts and Vacation Spots

Whether it’s a destination resort or a cruise ship spa, many people want a massage when they’re on vacation. Most of us go on vacation to relax and recharge, so adding in a massage is a great way to practice self-care. If you work as a vacation massage therapist, you could get to work in beautiful, exotic locations and use state-of-the-art equipment. When working with travelers, you won’t have regular clients, but it’s likely you’ll have a steady and dynamic workflow.

Couple getting a massage while at a resort.

3. Medical Office

Hospitals, nursing homes, and sports medicine clinics are just a few of the medical settings where massage therapy is typically offered. If you work in one of these settings, you can help athletes heal from injuries, soothe the elderly’s aching muscles, or help reduce strain and pressure for women who are pregnant. Choosing to do massage therapy in a medical setting can be a great idea for those who are passionate about helping and healing other people. Here in Rochester, we’re lucky enough to live near the Mayo Clinic. As a massage therapist, you could have the opportunity to work at this esteemed clinic.

Client receives a massage in a medical office.

4. Mobile Massage

Don’t want to be stuck in the same place every day? You could be a mobile massage therapist! People are busier than ever, which means they are more stressed, and more prone to muscle tension and aches. As a mobile massage therapist, you can travel to your clients at their convenience. Whether they have you come to their home or office, you’ll get to move around and help others de-stress. Working as a mobile massage therapist can help you quickly develop a diverse client base.

Man getting a massage in a medical setting.

5. Private Practice

Interested in self-employment? That’s a possibility with massage therapy! Many people choose to work themselves out of their home or in a rented space. If you want to set your own schedule and work for yourself, this could be your chance. Starting a private practice is tough work, as you’ll need a strong client base, equipment, and resources to be successful. However, if you’ve got the drive and motivation to make it happen, it can be extremely fulfilling!

A massage therapist works from home.

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