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More Americans Discussing Massage With Their Health Care Providers.Massage Therapy Classes Minnesota

Massage Therapy is earning attention from the healthcare industry, particularly, at the Mayo Clinic. The clinic recently announced that “Doctors and certified massage therapists at the clinic work together to coordinate a massage therapy treatment plan for an injury or condition as part of your care plan.”(Mayo Clinic, Feb 2016).  With the combination of more and more Americans discussing massage as an accompanying treatment for their injury, disease or condition and the open-mindedness of healthcare providers; integrative medicine is igniting the demand for massage therapy careers in the Mayo-Clinic area.

Until recently, persons most likely entered the massage therapy profession as a second career. Today, between integrative medicine practices and patients requesting that massage be incorporated into their treatment plan, Massage Therapists will be highly sought after, especially within healthcare organizations that have not historically, integrated massage therapy into treatments plans. The health care industry is rapidly helping to create a lucrative full-time career shift versus part-time for massage therapists. Any persons considering becoming a Massage Therapist will want to ensure they have earned the credentials that will help them earn partnerships amongst health care providers, health care organizations, and insurance companies during these growing and demanding times.

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