Cosmetology at TSPA Rochester. Embrace Your Creativity

Let’s imagine for a minute.

You arrive at school and are instantly surrounded by friends who greet you with hugs and excited smiles. After swapping stories, you make your way to the newly renovated classrooms and settle in before a large demonstration and media space, where new fixtures and televisions wait to fill your mind with new ideas. You don’t open books yet however, because when the teacher arrives everything is full of music and excitement and positive vibes as everyone gets ready for the day.

You and your friends spend a few minutes dancing and sharing before the real fun begins: learning and absorbing all things hair and beauty.

This isn’t a dream, nor is it some perfect high school experience.

This is how a typical day starts at The Salon Professional Academy, Rochester.

An Electric Education

At TSPA Rochester we believe that an education should reflect the career you are working toward. With an industry as high energy, creative, and tenacious as beauty is, we strive to develop an environment that fosters that intensity.

Even though everyday can be exciting and fun, it isn’t all we focus on! Every day is filled with an education that can help you build the future in beauty that you dream of.

From in-depth business courses, to expertly taught master classes, and technique classes to help you become a master, we strive to build beauty professionals on every level. It is our goal to have every future professional who graduates from our school be ready for the career that is ahead of them.

Are you ready to work toward a new beautiful future? Let us show you how hard work and creativity can make your dreams a reality.

cosmetology class

Become the Full Package

Cosmetology is more just hair.

You have probably heard this statement before, but at TSPA Rochester it’s true! Our cosmetology program dives beyond hair, giving our students an education in skin and nails as well.

At TSPA Rochester We are Proud to Offer an Education with Breadth

  • Go To The Lengths– With a broad curriculum in all things hair, we strive to give our students an education that can prepare them for the future ahead.
  • Create a Fresh Glow– Skin is an important part of any future in beauty, and our inclusive education can help sharpen those skills. Included in our cosmetology program, an education in the basics of esthetics can lead to a broader future in beauty.
  • Learn to Nail-it– Manicures. Pedicures. Our curriculum covers a variety of techniques and skills that could be vital in building a future as a nail tech. You can give your portfolio the variety it deserves, all within our cosmetology program.
  • Trendy. Like Avocado Toast– Trends drive the beauty industry, and we don’t shy away from them. We seek to create them. With popular techniques like balayage and ombre taught, you will be ready to discover the next amazing look.
  • Room to Grow– Part of any future in cosmetology lies in the creativity you build. Those skills will later become part of your branding, and we give each of our students the freedom to find their creative voice.

The Background to Support Your Future

An education at TSPA Rochester is more than just an education in cutting, trimming, and scrubbing. We want our students to be prepared for this industry, and we strive to make each experience match that goal.

  • Training with Foundation– By beginning our training with the basics, we assist our students in developing a strong foundation that can help them build the future they envision for themselves.
  • Training for Expertise– Each of our instructors come from a background built on experience and knowledge. With frequent training and a thirst for knowledge, we assist them to stay on top of their game. Your education begins and ends with our instructors, and we strive to make it the best.
  • Beautiful Facilities– With a recent renovation, the facilities at TSPA Rochester not only prepares students for working in real salon environment, it gives them access to the training and development that employers could be looking for.
  • Be Tech Savvy– In this high-tech world an education in business goes beyond numbers. By giving each student their own iPad* upon enrollment we help them to understand and rule the digital landscape.

Beauty is built on a tenacious spirit and creative passion. We seek to foster both.

If you are ready to explore a creative education, and create your own beautiful future, contact us today to discover how the Cosmetology Program at TSPA Rochester can get you there.

*iPad is included in student kit